The OPL Editor seeks Web-ready experiments using one of the following tools: HTML, JavaScript, Java applets, Director, Authorware, Flash, VB.Net. The experiment must perform the following functions:

  • Present experiment instructions
  • Present stimuli
  • Record data
  • Create variables and format date to meet library requirements
  • Provide thoroughly commented code with contact information
  • Suggest keywords for cataloguing (e.g., cognition, assessment, development)

In addition, tell us what demographic information you wish to collect (e.g., gender, race, age) and provide an experiment explanation that will serve to introduce others to the phenomenon the experiment investigates. It is important that each of the submissions clearly identifies the experimental design used. Web-deliverable, highly interactive resources may also be submitted. Specifically, applets designed to illustration of psychological phenomena are particularly welcome.

The OPL Editor will review (just like journal review) your experiment or resource and the resource will be added to the collection of experiments housed on a dedicated, library-owned server maintained by APA's professional IT staff. Students will access the experiment or resource through the OPL website.

As the author, please secure all relevant permissions for digital learning objects, illustrations, or copyrighted text. If any element of your experiment or demonstration is copyrighted, you are responsible for obtaining permission prior to submission. A copy of the permission must be submitted prior to final posting of the experiment to the OPL site.

Copyright of the material remains with the author, yet all authors are required to grant nonexclusive rights to publish and distribute the materials via the OPL website. All information collected for ' trials and subject information will be saved to a database for storage and retrieval. Once an experiment is accepted for implementation into OPL, it will be modified by OPL staff to ensure that technical requirements are met. However, any changes should be minimal and will primarily consist of changes to save data to the database. Any logos or content that conflicts with OPL standards will also be removed.

In addition to Web-deliverable experiments, the OPL Editor is also accepting submission of highly interactive demonstrations that illustrate psychological phenomena. For example, an interactive demonstration of the statistical concept of power which allows the user to specify effect size would be a welcome addition to the laboratory.

Once your experiment idea has been approved, you will be given technical instructions for submission. All submissions must be submitted to the OPL Editor at