Enabling Active-X Component to run in browser


Sometimes, depending on the settings of your web browser, you may not be able to determine if the plug-in was successfully installed. Internet Explorer may present an alert as shown in Figure 1 by the red arrow.

Regardless of whether the alert window comes up, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the site window as shown in Figure 1 by the red box. Click the yellow box and the plug-in will install. After this, the plug-in should be ready for use within OPL.

Active-X Alert in IE
Figure 1

Other browsers, such as Firefox, may not present any indication that the plug-in was installed or that it is awaiting confirmation from you. You must follow your browser's instructions for enabling pop-up windows and/or allowing sites to install software. (You can enable pop-ups temporarily, if desired.)

For Firefox users, see Figure 2 and follow the directions below to enable the necessary security features to allow the plug-in to run:

  • Click Tools -> Options from the file menu in your Firefox window.
  • An Options window will appear as shown in Figure 2. Select Web Features.

    A picture of how to configure Firefox for enabling plug-in
    Figure 2
  • Uncheck "Block Popup Windows".
  • Click the "Allowed Sites" button.
  • In the box labeled "Address of web site:", enter http://opl.apa.org and http://www.macromedia.com.
  • Click "Allow".
  • Click OK to close this window.
  • Click OK to close Options window.
  • You may have to refresh the page, but the plug-in should run the content.