About OPL     

OPL represents the first National Science Foundation funded entry for psychology in the National Science Digital Library. The APA Education Directorate also provides support for this project. OPL currently offers classic studies in psychology that students can participate in, and then analyze data from the experiences. As OPL continues to develop, new materials will be added to enhance learning about the discipline of psychology in high school, community colleges, and universities. You can search for materials using Keywords, Topic, and Method of Analysis. Keyword searches examine all fields and return results consistent with your search. You may also browse by topic; a broad listing of topics in psychology is displayed, allowing for a materials search within that area. Browsing by method allows for searches based on research methodology.

Teaching With OPL

Links to related pedagogical tools are located in the resources section of this site. All resources contained in OPL have been reviewed by an Advisory Board comprised of faculty from high schools, community colleges, and university campuses. Therefore, you should find interactive studies and demonstrations that can be integrated seamlessly into your classroom. Additional materials are available and links are provided to companion sites where appropriate. In particular, several resources are available at the Office for Teaching Resources in Psychology, a site supported by Division 2 of the American Psychological Association. We welcome suggestions from the user community; please submit any recommendations to OPLEditor@opl.apa.org.